• 20190125_201800

    25/01/2019. Powerboating Whether the Weather
    In our 100th year and after 100 powerboat certificates, our 2019 season starts early with our first National Powerboat Certificate...

  • 50530643_2463980730283313_6444969718980804608_n

    13/01/2019. Duct Tape & WD40
    A great weekend over in Killaloe as some of our instructors were signed-off on the ISA Engine Maintenance Instructor Course –...

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    24/11/2018. 53°27’6.55”N, 06°9’3.80”W
    53°27’6.5592”N, 06°9’3.8016”W. Shorter days means less time on the water but this was made up for by som...