Oars Charge Cert Feb  (2)
Class of 2015 – Oars Charge Cert. Course

This year’s Oars Charge Certificate which started back on Sunday evening 25th January 2015 has 14 participants. Scouts from the Neala, Wednesday and Friday troops have been attending the evening course on Sunday night’s.

The boating course is for scouts and young leaders who plan to train scout crews this coming boating season. Aimed at scouts who are 15 and over, it gives them the opportunity to learn how to handle a multi oared rowing boat, like the East Coast Skiff. A 23 foot clinker built wooden craft, pointed at boat ends has a deep tradition along the East Coast of Ireland. The skiff developed from a previous craft called a Hobblers Skiff, which was persons who plied their trade as unlicensed pilots in and out of Dublin Bay. Sometimes under dangerous conditions, bad weather or in total darkness Hobblers would race out of Dublin Port when a merchant ship came over the horizon. The first crew to throw a line would gain the work in offloading the vessel.

PFD Safety Equip.IMG_2229The course participants learn a wide range of nautical skills, including, water safety, use of emergency equipment, man overboard drill, and practical boating skills. The course offers more as the coxswain (scout) is trained to manage a crew, take charge of their welfare, work in a team and lead a team.

The theory part of the course will conclude in middle of March after participants have completed a written assessment. The practical end of the course will be completed over a weekend after boats have been launched for the season.