Big Row Home Success!!

After months of tidal calculations, chart plotting, logistical nightmares and hours upon hours of crew training, 26 members of Malahide Sea Scouts rowed beat the elements and rowed from Malahide all the way to Holyhead, Wales. 100km across the Irish Sea!!

We are so very impressed at the dedication behind each and every stroke of the oar as the skiff and crews were underway for approximately 17 hours.
We had an unforgettable adventure doing what Sea Scouts do best working together to achieve an epic challenge.

Check out the highlights from The Big Row Home in our ‘Big Video’!!

Congratulations and well done to the rowing crews,

Lisa McEvoy
Leah Casey
Muirne Shaw
Elysia Maher
Fiona Martin
Heather Murphy
Niamh Cullen
Helena Butterly
Craig Newman
Robin Caird
Lachlan Elingboe
Nathan Greene
Jordan Killen
Dereck Ennis
Colin Lynch
Gerry Walsh
Niall Rock
Killian Nolan
Philip O’Connor
Rob McGrath
Ger Duffy
Stephen O’Reilly

And thank you to the support team,
Colum McCaffrey
Paul McEvoy
Elaine Dunne
Gill Forde
Steph McCann
Kevin Rowan
Eamonn McGrattan


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