20km hike for Ceadaoin Cubs

On Saturday the 16th of January, fourteen kids and I from Ceadaoin Cubs, went on a 20k hike in Wicklow. This was one of the things we had to do for our Chief Scout award, so we were all very determined to finish it. We went up the Spinc mountain. We met at the den in Malahide at 7:30am.There we arranged lifts to Laragh village. We walked out of the carpark up a trail leading to a forest. We walked through the forest and there we had to stop because one of our cubs had gotten blisters on her feet and they had to get plasters put on over them. We then stopped for a short food break. We went off the trail and we walked up a set of steps for about 2k. When we got to the top everyone was exhausted, but there was still more to go! We were shocked to see all the snow and ice up there. We had a small break there. Everyone was throwing snowballs at each other! We continued on up the steps. It was very icy in some places and we had to go off trail. Some people tried to walk on the ice and ended up slipping all over the place! Myself included! We were ice – skating on the ice which probably wasn’t a good idea! It was absolutely freezing so everyone had to wrap up tight. We walked the rest of the way down the steps. It seemed like it went on forever. When we got to the end of the 600 steps we were all so tired but we had to push on. We walked down the rest of the way without the steps but it was still super slippy. We got to a bridge and before we crossed it we stopped for lunch. One girl’s lunch fell in the river but she got it back! Phew! We continued on but as we were crossing the bridge a girl fell and twisted her knee. A few leaders stayed back to help her. She had to walk down the mountain leaning on the leaders, but eventually she was walking on her own. We got to a very bendy, rocky section and we were all trying to avoid the rocks and not fall over! Unlike when we were on the top of the mountain on one side of the lake and it was freezing,snowy and icy,this side was like Spring. The views were beautiful and it was surprisingly pretty warm. We walked along another trail through the forest and came out at a little park and stopped there for a break. We continued on and by this stage we were all absolutely jaded. We got back on to the path we had started on and got back to the carpark. When we got back we were all so tired but so happy that we had done it! We arranged lifts back to Malahide and it was beds early that night. It was a fantastic day and we all enjoyed it!
by Leah McGee, Ceadaoin Cubs



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