Shoe Box Appeal

On Wednesday the 23rd of November, we went to a warehouse in Clongriffen where we worked for Team Hope’s shoebox appeal. Team Hope is a Christian organisation that collects shoeboxes full of presents and gifts and gives them to poor and homeless children around the world.

Most of these homeless children live on approximately one euro a day and it is very hard for them to get food, drink, and shelter. Team Hope’s partners are over in places like Aleppo and Syria, which holds many sick, injured children and giving them medication, they are also supplying drinking water from many water sources in the city. They have been doing this for 2 years now. They have also been working on Community Development Projects. Team Hope is so grateful for the amount of shoeboxes and presents they received and it will make so many children have a lovely Christmas.


In the warehouse our job was to make sure that every shoebox contained practical things that would be useful to those that were going to receive the shoebox and that it contained enjoyable objects like toys and games. It was so much fun and it really felt we were giving poor children a thoughtful Christmas present that will make them so happy. There were indeed so many shoeboxes in the warehouse and the gifts were so thoughtful and cheerful. We sorted out many of the shoeboxes and we gave a huge helping hand to the Team Hopes shoebox appeal. Many of us loved the experience and wish to help in the warehouse next year.

Full set of photos are here

Niamh Lynch, Ceadaoin Cubs