Thursday Scouts

For generations man has held periodical gatherings. This practice was started by the apes, with their common love of destruction and large black rectangles, and has continued on through ancient and modern times to become today’s meetings (of “certain organizations”) discussing issues that will shape the world.

We at the Malahide Friday Scouts would definitely consider ourselves to be of the latter category, instilling ideals into the minds of the scouts; Teaching values of honour, loyalty, responsibility, leadership, friendship, and of course love of large black rectangles.

As you will see from a quick look around our site, our meetings are but the tip of the iceberg of our activity repertoire. Our programme covers: hiking, biking, sailing, swimming, camping, climbing, canoeing, rope-work, orienteering, pioneering, boat maintenance, first aid, life saving, expeditions and much much more.

With a scout membership of over 60, and over 10 registered leaders, our troop is one of the largest in Ireland and shares a den with two other scout troops, making Malahide Sea Scouts one of the biggest Sea Scout troops in Europe.

Our Leader in charge is Eoin Manning.

We meet every week on a Friday night from 20.00 – 21.30 in the Malahide Scout Den.

If you would like to join us, please contact

Activities from 2014
Activities from 2014Dec 31, 2014Photos: 15
Irelands Eye Sailing
Irelands Eye SailingJun 29, 2014Photos: 7
Founders Day 2014
Founders Day 2014Feb 15, 2014Photos: 30
20140202-194841Feb 2, 2014Photos: 92
2013 Activities
2013 ActivitiesNov 25, 2013Photos: 78
Halloween Camp 2013
Halloween Camp 2013Oct 27, 2013Photos: 63
Sionnach 'Art's Cross' 2013
Sionnach 'Art's Cross' 2013Sep 27, 2013Photos: 41
PaddleFest 2013
PaddleFest 2013Sep 21, 2013Google Maps Location Photos: 32
Rowing Regatta 2013
Rowing Regatta 2013Sep 19, 2013Photos: 52
Gilwell Summer Camp 2013
Gilwell Summer Camp 2013Aug 2, 2013Photos: 290
Photos from 2013
Photos from 2013Feb 25, 2013Photos: 47
Lough Key Summer Camp 2012
Lough Key Summer Camp 2012Aug 1, 2012Photos: 153
Photos from 2012
Photos from 2012Feb 19, 2012Photos: 195
Triathlon 2011
Triathlon 2011Oct 16, 2011Photos: 122
Photos from 2011
Photos from 2011Aug 27, 2011Photos: 65
Newcastle Summer Camp 2011
Newcastle Summer Camp 2011Jul 22, 2011Photos: 186
Italy Summer Camp 2010
Italy Summer Camp 2010Aug 9, 2010Photos: 406
Photos from 2010
Photos from 2010Jan 31, 2010Photos: 388
Donegal Summer Camp 2009
Donegal Summer Camp 2009Jun 26, 2009Photos: 541
Photos from 2009
Photos from 2009Jan 1, 2009Photos: 321
Cork Summer Camp 2008
Cork Summer Camp 2008Jul 6, 2008Photos: 164
Photos from 2008
Photos from 2008Mar 16, 2008Photos: 215
Sweden Summer Camp 2007
Sweden Summer Camp 2007Aug 26, 2007Photos: 123
Photos from 2007
Photos from 2007Aug 17, 2007Photos: 150
Photos from 2006
Photos from 2006Jul 25, 2005Photos: 137