Wednesday Scouts


By 1974 Malahide’s Scout membership had increased so much that it was decided to split the members into two troops, one that remained meeting on a Friday night and the other led by Mr Roy Glynn on a Wednesday night. This happened on Wednesday, 8th January 1975.

In the intervening years, the Wednesday Night Troop has gone on to become one of the most successful Sea Scout Troops in the country. Our Scouting programme is strongly based on the core strengths of Sea Scouting, with an emphasis on tradition, seamanship, uniform, competition and adventurous outdoor activities.

Our programme of activities is based around our Annual Expedition, where up to 50 of us live together in the outdoors for up to two weeks every July. Each Watch (of 10 people) eats, sleeps and works together. Food is cooked by the Watch Leader on an open wood fire. The location of the campsite varies every year and includes sites in Carlow, Kilkenny, Galway, Cavan, Mayo, Louth, Longford and Westmeath.

We have two simple requirements for one of the best two-week holidays possible: a field beside a lake or a river. Scouts can choose from daily rowing, sailing, canoeing, swimming, hiking and cycling activities. When not on activities, the Watches can work on their ropework and campcraft by building flagpoles, shelters and other wooden structures to improve the amenities on their individual sites. Each camp includes the traditional favourites of a night hike, campfire and a day off-site at a local leisure centre and cinema.

All activities are run by an experienced team of qualified Leaders. Each Leader has 7 years, at the very least, of Scouting experience. Many of our Leaders have a further 5 years’ experience running activities for Scouts. The Leaders have built on their initial outdoors training as a Scout to become successful canoeists, hikers, rowers, runners and sailors.

We meet every Wednesday from 20:00 to 21:30 – our Leader in charge is Cameron Newman.

Get in contact with us at, there is no waiting list to join.

1975 Roy Glynn
1977 Ashley Evans
1980 Richard Downey
1982 Raymond McKenna
1985 Brian Nolan
1987 Brian Murray
1989 Garrett Burke
1991 Pat Hayes
1992 David McGlew
1996 Andrew O’Connell
2006 Paul Purcell
2007 Gerard Duffy
2009 Seán Clancy
2013 Brian Colgan
2015 Paul Guyett
2017 Finn O’Neill
2018 Cameron Newman (to date)