Sea Scout Sailing Regatta 2016

Sails washed and flags stored which concludes the end of another successful sailing regatta held on the inner Malahide Estuary.
The day started with little to no wind but thankfully as the course was set the wind filled in and built up to a steady F3 which made for some great racing conditions.
Well done to all teams who displayed some excellent teamwork and skill on the water in what was a full day of racing.

Team Racing
1st – 24th Port of Galway
2nd – 7th Port Howth
3rd – 8ú Calafort Dún Laoghaire - Mannanán

Seamanship Challenge
1st - 8ú Calafort Dún Laoghaire - Mannanán
2nd - 24th Port of Galway
3rd – 3rd Port Dalkey

Leader Race
1st – Ciaran Jordan (24th Port of Galway)
2nd – Finn McDonnell (8ú Calafort Dún Laoghaire - Mannanán)
3rd – Jordan Killen (9th Port Malahide – Wednesday)

Thank you to all the teams and supporters who contributed to a great day and a fantastic atmosphere.
3rd Port Dalkey
5th Port Dollymount (Wednesday)
5th Port Dollymount (Valkries)
7th Port Howth
8ú Calafort Dún Laoghaire (Mannanán)
8ú Calafort Dún Laoghaire (Fodhla)
9th Port Malahide (Néala)
9th Port Malahide (Wednesday)
9th Port Malahide (Friday)
24th Port of Galway

To Malahide Yacht Club for again allowing us to use their top-class dinghy centre on the inner estuary and to our race team who coordinated a very smooth day and plenty of races.
Alan Johns, Colum McCaffrey, Keelin Murphy, Elaine Dunne, Jim Quill, Jordan Killen, Bill Abbott, Evan Hopkins, David Fox, Robert McKernan, Leonie Lynch, Mags O’Riordan, Finn O’Neill, Gill Forde and our photographers Gerry Hickey and Moira Reilly (more photos to follow).

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