Beaver Colony – Larch Hill 2015

Well we all got back in one piece! An amazing weekend had by all.

Thanks to everyone who helped out but most of all to Jim Quill who did all the work (and there is a lot of it!) of organising the camp and all activities.

In total we had 28 Beavers and 3 Cubs on camp with us and an amazing ratio of 19 leaders! In addition we were joined on Saturday by 9 members of Malahide Girl Guides who came for the day.

The advance party arrived in Larch Hill just before 11 and immediately started setting up the tents. We needed a mess tent and sleeping tents for all the beavers. In addition we had to setup a wide variety of leader tents – like leaders themselves, their tents come in many shapes and sizes, and it took a while to get the site fully ready.

At 2pm the activities began. There were a small number of rules for everyone, like for example a no technology rule . . .

IMG_3362 (1)


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The beavers got to try lighting campfires, sawing wood, chopping logs, firing rockets, putting up tents and leanring about capming and being in the woods. All Beavers present passed their Backwoods Stage 1 and Camping Stage 1 badges – a great achievement.

After dinner, there was another round of activities and then the campfire was lit.  Beavers had chocolate melted bananas, pita bread pizza and melted marshmallows – and lots of playing with their torches in the dark. Then a quick hike in the dark, brush the teeth and bed.

Light comes up early at this time of year so it was an early start for Ronan on breakfast duty. After a breakfast of cereal and sausages the beavers headed off into the woods again for some orienteering. The final activity was building a mini raft and having a raft race.

By 1pm everyone was tired but happy. A great weekend, with good weather, super activities and 31 happy beavers.

Thank you you to Una, Jim and David for these photos. . .


. . . and thanks to John Butterly for these shots . . .