Hamill Cup 2015

The Hamill Cup is the Junior Seamanship (U14) Competition in Sea Scouting Ireland . The competition has been run since 1975 and was inaugurated back then in Malahide. The competition takes place in the Autumn, as preparation is over the last several months of the boating season. The challenge is to compete as individuals and as a team.

The competition involves:

  • Rowing a BP18 as a crew while also demonstrating teamwork and the appropriate exercise with respect to entry/departure of the craft.
  • Punt Rowing, Anchors, and associated Knots.
  • Water Safety / Weather / Flares & Distress Signals.
  • Parts of a East Coast Skiff / Boat Maintenance / Whipping.
  • Lashings & Flag Etiquette – Construct a basic flagpole and hoist flags in order of priority.
  • Rigging (BP18) / Parts of a Sail Boat / Principal Motor & Sailing Vessels.
  • Uniform Inspection.
  • First Aid / Two Operator CPR / Theory & Scenarios.


Seamanship skills are a life skill that is taught from the very start of a sea scouts journey in his troop. The Hamil Cup gives the scout’s a focus and put into practice what they have learnt throughout the boating season. This years venue was in Howth Harbour and was hosted by the 7th Port of Dublin Sea Scouts. Thanks goes to the organisers and their team for laying on the challenging bases.  Malahide Sea Scout group was well represented entering 5 teams this year. A great turnout on the day with 17 teams in total competing for the Hamill Cup. Congratulations to 9th Port Malahide Wednesday Troop who took 3rd place this year.

Check out this years training and competition!