Lay-Up Supper 2017

And that’s a wrap!
The oars are hung, the fleet ashore and to officially mark the end of the 2017 boating season we celebrated the incredible year afloat in true maritime tradition with a Laying-Up Supper.

Last weekend we were welcomed on the Maindeck by Deputy Boatmaster Evan Hopkins where he,  Néala Leader Heather Murphy and a trusty team of Ventures from all four Troops had prepared a very enjoyable evening full of slideshows, presentations, a few thank-yous and of course food!

Each Troop took their turn in presenting to the audience some of the highlights of the season including Summer Camps, Ireland’s Eye Expo, Paddlefest and the regatta season.
The Ventures presented several Thank-Yous to members of the Group for supporting them getting afloat and there were also two very special Thank-Yous presented to friends of the Group.
The first was to the McLain Family who earlier this year donated their 23ft sailing yacht Reveille. This has been an excellent addition to the programme with already a dozen voyages completed giving our members a whole new experience on the water.
The second was to Pat Murphy. Pat has some incredible stories to share about his around-the-World sailing adventure and he has supported the Group with doing his talks as a fundraiser to support getting more members sailing.

One final presentation was to the winning Troop of our Summer Series Sailing Regatta where each Troop hosted and raced each other over the summer.
Our 2017 champions and inaugural winners are the Wednesday Troop!

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