Centenary Water-Activities Day

Nearly 200 members of the Group out on the water last Saturday as part of our Centenary water-activities day for the Beavers & Cubs supported by the Scouts.FB_IMG_1570706184054 FB_IMG_1570706214611 FB_IMG_1570706258275 FB_IMG_1570706246650 FB_IMG_1570706242936 FB_IMG_1570706237601 FB_IMG_1570706232416 FB_IMG_1570706229634 FB_IMG_1570706207463 FB_IMG_1570706198724 FB_IMG_1570706194656 FB_IMG_1570706187157 IMG-20191010-WA0017 IMG-20191010-WA0005 20191005_161019 20191005_161028 20191005_161042 20191005_161105 20191005_161211

RIB rides, Canadian canoes, sailing spins and all things wet!
While the weather didn’t hold up and it was lashing rain it didn’t make a bit of difference to anyone splashing about in the water! Everyone had a great time!