Founders Day Hike 2022

A super day back on the hills this weekend with nearly 100 beavers, cubs, scouts and ventures making it to the top of Fairy Castle mountain!
It was cold and it was breezy but everyone was in such high spirits being back in the outdoors and getting to meet other members of the Scout Group for the first time in many months for most.

We met at Larch Hill Scout Centre where Group Leader John Butterly, supported by the Watch Leaders, welcomed everyone and gave the challenge for each young member to chat and learn something new from someone they didn’t know on the hike.
With the challenge set we got underway and in a short few hours everyone was at the summit!

The Founders Day Hike is a great annual activity where all our Sections get to meet and play in the outdoors together.
Founders Day (22nd Feb) marks the Birthday of the founder of the Scout Movement; Baden Powell.

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