Malahides Master Mariners
A massive and mighty BRAVO ZULU to our Rovers and Ventures who competed in the Master Mariner Competition yesterday!

A huge syllabus of nautical skills examined by industry experts, professional mariners and experienced Sea Scouters.
We are very impressed and very proud of our Master Mariner candidates who on average attained an 80% finish score.
It’s been often said the Master Mariner result is akin to a 2nd Mates ticket so it’s a credit to all who entered.
This resulted in Malahide Sea Scouts taking home every medal-place at the event!

Congratulations to all candidates and say hello to Scouting Irelands new Master Mariners;
Dan Clohessy (Ventures) and Jordan Killen (Rovers)!

Venture Master Mariner
1st – Dan Clohessy (9th Port Malahide)
2nd – Emma Taylor (9th Port Malahide)
3rd – Jack Hansen (9th Port Malahide)

Rovers Master Mariner
1st – Jordan Killen (9th Port Malahide)
2nd – Evan Banable (9th Port Malahide)

Practical Skills
1st – Timmy Flavin (9th Port Malahide)
2nd – Jack Hansen (9th Port Malahide)
3rd – Emma Taylor (9th Port Malahide)

Big thanks for our hosts 1st Port of Dublin Sea Scouts – Ringsend for organising an excellent day of competition at Dublin Port.

We were very impressed at the level of nautical skills shown by all competitors!
By the end there were only single-digit points between the top candidates so an absolute credit to their skills and time put into their seamanship training.
Definitely some new Master Mariners in the making for our friends at Irish Institute of Master Mariners who sponsor the event.

The two core-modules examined this year were Ropework and Meteorology.
Big thanks to the examiners from all backgrounds including the naval reserve, RNLI, shipwrights, ocean yachtmasters, sea-kayakers, Irish Sailing instructors, Charge Certificate instructors and our new Sea Scouting friends Met Eireann !

Linda Hughes from Met Eireann joined us for the day to help examine weather skills and provided a very informative talk about Met Eireanns weather forecasting methods and tools!

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