MSS SEAL Team 6 (and a half!)
MSS SEAL Team 6 (and-a-half) was activated and deployed on a mission last week…
During the recent storm force Easterlys, an unlucky boat belonging to a member of the public had an accident and sunk on it’s mooring in the Channel.
We are proud to have built a reputation of good seamanship and service afloat and got the call seeking some advice and support.
While it is not our responsibility to manage the incident, it was certainly in our best interest to support the elderly owner to address the situation to prevent the boat becoming a hazard to our members and our activities.
MSS also has the expertise, man-power and will-power to complete the task so it was the right thing to do.
Over the week we launched a team to assess, secure and mark the boat.
Once determined safe we had some hardcore souls go diving on the boat (ft. some serious brain-freeze!) to attach floats to the hull. At the next high tide she floated free and was cut away from the mooring block and towed ashore.
After 8-days on the bottom she was finally dry on the beach ready to be bailed and assessed to identify the cause of the incident.
In addition, the outboard engine that was onboard was drained, stripped, flushed and reconditioned to get running again by our crew before the salty water and rust started taking over saving the owner thousands.
Well done to the crew involved and there is a big thanks from the owner.
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