Sailing Regatta 2022

Congratulations to all teams who competed in the 51st Sea Scout Sailing Regatta yesterday on Malahide Estuary!

With a steady 8-10 knots all day, it provided perfect conditions which brought out the best of competitors in what was some very tight formations and close racing!
The main event of the day was a Team-Racing format with x12 teams consisting of x3 boats per team.
Raced under a round-robin series each Team sailed against one another scoring points before progressing to the knockout series.

After x26 exciting races 7th Port Howth Sea Scouts came out on top closely followed by 9th Port Malahide Sea Scouts in 2nd and 24th Port of Galway Sea Scouts in 3rd.
Well done to all sailors for a fantastic day on the water!

Alongside the main Team-Racing event was the Seamanship Challenge. Here the teams of x3 sailed together on a multi-handed boat completing skills and tasks such as rigging, coming-alongside and man-overboard.
Very proud of our Malahide sailors who came in 1st (Malahide Wed 1), 2nd (Malahide Lír) and 3rd (Malahide Wed 2).

The Albatross Race was next which is a single-handed, all against race to the finish with the best of the best.
1st – 7th Port Howth (Sarah)
2nd – 7th Port Howth (Hannah)
3rd – 9th Port Malahide (Timmy)

The last race of the day was the Rovers & Scouters Race this year won by Jordan – 9th Port Malahide.

Finally, the Centenary Cup was presented to the sailor on the day who achieved the highest individual score.
This was proudly awarded to Sarah from 7th Port Howth.

Well done again to all sailors and a special thanks and BRAVO to the Malahide Ventures who organised and hosted the event.
The regatta is a difficult event to run so credit due to Ventures Dan, Laura and Niamh who manned the committee boat all day keeping a smooth run 0f things and races going!

Thank you to our friends Malahide Yacht Club for allowing us use of their facilities for the day.


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