Fry Cup 2022 Defending Champions
Congratulations to all teams who participated in the 104th annual Fry Cup Senior Seamanship Competition hosted today at Sea Scouts Dun Laoghaire 8ú Calafort Gasóga Mara.

BRAVO to this years tied winners Malahide Sea Scouts & 5th Port Dollymount Sea Scout Group!

In 1918, Major-General Sir William Fry, presented the Port of Dublin Sea Scouts a handsome silver cup to be used for an annual senior seamanship competition, aptly named the Fry Cup.
This has become Sea Scoutings most prestigious trophy and has continued to the present day with little interruption; at 104-years old making it one of the oldest and longest running Scouting competitions in the World.
The competition tests Sea Scouts in teams of six on both basic and advanced seamanship skills including rowing in a boats crew, navigation, chartwork, water safety, anchoring, communications, sailing theory, steering rules and buoyage.
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