50th Sea Scout Sailing Regatta
A super successful half-centenary Sea Scout Sailing Regatta yesterday on the Broadmeadows Estuary, Malahide.
Sea Scouting celebrates its 50th anniversary of the Sea Scout Sailing Regatta.

Originally hosted from the decks of Lightship Albatross, former National Sea Scout Training Centre, Dún Laoghaire Harbour; the event has grown popular as ever under a very exciting team-racing format using fleets of Pico/ Topaz ensuring it is fun and accessible for all.

Alongside the main team-racing event, competitors face a seamanship challenge where they are scored onboard a multi-hander to sail efficiently around a course and complete exercises as a team such as man-overboard and anchoring.
To mark the 50th anniversary, a special single-handed race was also included in this years events; the Albatross Race.

Well done to the x16 teams from Malahide, Howth, Dun Laoghaire, Dollymount and Arklow who all put in a fantastic effort under very testing and breezy conditions!
Big thanks to Officer Of the Day Colum McCaffrey and Race Officers Roger Campion and Sean Anglim from MYC who managed to provide x46 safe and exciting races under two fleets which made for an excellent day of sailing!

We’re very proud of our MSS sailors who displayed some excellent teamwork and sailing!
In particular, super well-done to our mixed abilities Lír Troop, entering their first ever Sailing Regatta team and taking home 3rd place in the main Team Racing event!

Team Racing
1st – 9th Port Malahide (Néala)
2nd – 9th Port Malahide (Wed)
3rd – 9th Port Malahide (Lír)

Seamanship Challenge
1st – 9th Port Malahide (Fri)
2nd – 9th Port Malahide (Wed)
3rd – 9th Port Malahide (Néala)

Scouters Race
1st – 9th Port Malahide (Fri)
2nd – 9th Port Malahide (Néala)
3rd – 9th Port Malahide (Wed)

Albatross Race
1st – Arklow Sea Scouts
2nd – 9th Port Malahide (Néala)
3rd – 7th Port Howth (Tues)
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