Malahide Sea Scouts-1st place Fry Cup Team 2021
Fry Cup 1st Place to Malahide Sea Scouts

Malahide Sea Scouts – 1st place Fry Cup Team 2021
Nearly 10-years since the Fry Cup was last in Malahide!


The Fry cup is Sea Scouting Ireland’s Senior Seamanship Competition.
In 1918, Major-General Sir William Fry presented a very handsome silver cup to the Port of Dublin Sea Scouts.  This was to be used for an annual seamanship competition and has become our most prestigious trophy.  The Fry Cup Competition has continued without interruption to the present day.

Over the weekend a unified team from Malahide Sea Scouts came first place in this prestigious seamanship competition. A first for Malahide, six members from across our scout sections came together over the last weeks and trained regularly and lifted the coveted trophy. The challenge is for scouts age under 17 years as of the 1st   of June. The syllabus covers both basic and advance seamanship skills including rowing in a boats crew, navigation, chartwork, water safety, anchoring, sailing theory, steerage and buoyage.

Congratulations to one and all, of our hard working team who lifted the trophy on the harbour wall in Dunlaoghaire . Special thanks to Scouter Colum McCaffrey who worked closely with the team during their period of training.


Malahide Sea Scouts-1st place Fry Cup Team 2021


Fry Cup - Senior seamanship trophy