Laying-Up Supper 2021
Big thanks and well done to the organising crew of Ventures who planned and hosted our annual Laying Up Supper this weekend.
Some tasty foods and great presentations to celebrate another safe and active year afloat at MSS!
Well done also to the Friday Troop who were presented the Helmsman Trophy for their win at the Inter-Troops Regatta earlier in the year.
To Kate who was presented the Cruising Award as the youth member with the most amount of nautical miles logged out past the sandbar this year (322.7nm!!).
Also to Kate, Niamh and Laura who were presented their own MSS burgee after completing the Lighthouse Challenge.
And finally to Leaders Ronan and Finn who were both presented their well earned Bronze Merit Award for all their hardwork supporting the Group getting afloat.
Well done all for a great season and looking forward to 2022.
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