Scouting Ireland Master Mariners
Say hello to Scouting Irelands newly crowned Venture Master Mariner, Kate ‘Champion’ Campion!
Kate is our 4th ever member to receive this accolade and our first ever female!
Congratulations Kate!
We are equally proud of both Niamh Lynch & Emma Taylor who were awarded 2nd & 3rd Venture Master Mariner awards.
Néala are on fire at the moment!
And not to forget Evan Banable from Wednesday Troop who came in close 2nd in the Rover Master Mariner category!
What am impressive group of young competitors who displayed some impressive seamanship as they were examined on boat handling skills, navigation and collision regulations.
Ventures 1st – Kate (9th Port Malahide)
Ventures 2nd – Niamh (9th Port Malahide)
Ventures 3rd – Emma (9th Port Malahide)
Rovers 1st – Daragh (7th Port Howth)
Rovers 2nd – Evan (9th Port Malahide)
Rovers 3rd – Holly (7th Port Howth)
Thanks to our hosts 1st Port of Dublin Sea Scouts – Ringsend, to Dublin Port Company for supporting skills assessment with use of their pilot boat, Poolbeg Yacht & Boat Club for facilitating us and all our examiners and friends of the Irish Institute of Master MarinersIMG-20211106-WA0053 IMG-20211106-WA0072 mm1 IMG-20211106-WA0079 IMG-20211106-WA0080 IMG-20211106-WA0057 IMG-20211106-WA0067 20211106_115118 20211106_164311 mm3 mm2