Friday Troop Lambay Passage
Well done Friday Troop for making the most of the mild November with their first Troop passage around Lambay Island in I’d say 20 years!

A moderate to fresh SSE breeze all day with a flooding tide pushing a slight sea swell (+ high seasickness load – I won’t mention names!…), powering through though onboard Dul Siar and Reveille making a top speed of an impressive 7-8 knots.

Rounding the infamous Tayleur Bay and then into the sheltered Saltpan Bay on the Northern side of the island where we bumped into KAYAK KAV after some navigation exercises to find him first!
All in a nice 14 nautical mile passage.

We’re fortunate to have such great opportunities for challenge and adventure on our doorstep.
lambay1 lambay2 lambay3 lambay4